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How to register as a wedding officiant
Last Updated 7 years ago

The laws that govern minister registration for marriage vary from state to state and county to county. Some states have very specific requirements to register as a wedding officiant in order to perform weddings, funerals, or baptisms.

As an ordained minister it is your responsibility to understand and act within your state or local laws. You must follow the rules and regulations set forth by your local government at all times. We recommend that you request your credentials and then contact the local county clerk or agency that will be issuing the couple's marriage license:

When you speak to or contact your local county clerk, it can be helpful to ask them the following questions:
  • I am an ordained minister and I would like to register as a "Wedding Officiant" in your county to perform weddings - Is there someone there who I can speak with?
  • I am ordained with a church in California and I have hard copies of my Ordination Credential and Letter of Good Standing issued from my church, do you require any other documents?
  • Do you require that I complete any additional paperwork to register as a Wedding Officiant in your county?

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