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I placed an order and it is not listed on my order page.
Last Updated 9 years ago

This could be caused by our Secure processing with SSL and AVS (Address Verification System). It can happen if the credit card you are attempting to use has a different Billing Address or Shipping Address than what is registered with your bank or credit company.

During the Checkout Process make sure that you:
  • Enter your Billing Address EXACTLY as it registered with your Bank
  • Enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your card, (Including any middle initial)
  • Enter in the 16 digit card number with no spaces
  • Select the correct card type (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress) from the drop down
  • Enter in the correct expiration date
  • Enter in the correct CCV number from the back of the card
Upon successful checkout:
  • you will see an order completion screen
  • you should receive an order confirmation from
  • your credential request will appear under your orders page
If your credential request is not listed in your orders page then your request has not been successfully processed.

If you have received your order confirmation email and your order is still not listed under your order page please contact us.

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